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At the end of the day, sometimes you just need to hear it from a fellow patient, someone who has been there and done that and left satisfied. We mean it when we say nothing is more important to us than customer satisfaction, which is why we're so proud to share these glowing reviews from our patients. So don't just take our word for it, take theirs.

Just a Few of Our Satisfied Customers

Kind and Knowledgeable

I must say, I was impressed. Dr Clark was kind, knowledgeable, and right on time. The office was clean and everyone I encountered was extremely friendly. I feel completely comfortable going to Dr. Clark and no longer fear the dentist.


20 Year Patient

I have been a patient for nearly 20 years. Dr. Clark is gentle and talented--I came to Cincinnati with some pretty bad teeth in my 20's, and the first thing she did for me was save a tooth that was on the verge of needing to be pulled.

Most of my (many) childhood fillings were getting old, and Dr. Clark has replaced most of them, as well as doing some crowns. My front teeth had temporary replacements, and she put my front crowns on --not the most comfortable place to work on, or give Novocaine. On top of that, my body breaks down Novocaine quickly and I usually need a second shot.

But with Dr. Clark's skill, this was a very tolerable procedure, and all my crowns have lasted beautifully--some for 15 years and going strong. I have never lost a filling, and the cosmetic work is great.

My insurance changed and she is no longer in my network, but I feel so comfortable and confident going to Dr. Clark I chose to go out of my network, continue going and pay the extra $$--she's well worth it.

Local Physician

I have been going to Dr. Clark for 26 years. Her office is clean, well run, and friendly. Her staff and dental hygienists have been with her for many years. They are welcoming, professional, and thorough. Her office runs on time, I have never waited in all the times I have been there. I have had many complicated procedures and amalgam fillings replaced. I have never felt any pain and have not had any problems with any of Dr. Clark's work. She always makes me feel comfortable and I feel she is very knowledgeable. If I have any unexpected issues, she gets me in right away. I am a pediatrician and I also feel she is very knowledgeable when taking care of my children. I have referred many families there. I would not go any where else unless she retired!


Always excellent, professional, personable, gentle service.

Mark M.

Would Never Change Dentists

Timely, extremely nice and very gentle - I've been going to this dentist for years and I wouldn't ever change! Dr. Clark is the sweetest person also, you couldn't ask for a better dentist - I definitely recommend her!

Rebecca F.

Flys From California for Dental Work

Dr. Clark is absolutely wonderful. My son, who lives in California, still flies back to Cincinnati to go to her. She is timely, thorough, gentle, and friendly. I sincerely recommend Dr. Clark and her staff.


First Time in a Long Time

I am afraid of the dentist and have panic and anxiety. I was so comfortable here at Smiles Created.... I love them! Everyone in the office was very nice. Dr. Clark was so nice and made me feel very comfortable. I loved the way I was treated. Now I will be at the dentist regularly instead of just when something really hurts!! I am not even nervous about my upcoming cavity being filled! THANK YOU!!!

Kasey Coffey